Richard C. Silva, D.O.


Dr. Richard C. Silva is a Board Certified Family Physician with a broad range of knowledge and expertise in his field. Originally from Newark, New Jersey

Medical degree from New York College, NYCOM in 1996 and completed his residency at Nova Southeastern University “NSU” at Broward General and Palmetto General Hospital in Florida in 1999. Dr. Silva was employed by the Veteran’s Administration from 1998 to 2009. For 9 years worked as a hospitalist at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition, Dr. Silva is also experienced in gynecology and female health, having trained medical students at Nova Southeastern University Medical School.

Dr. Silva’s office is comprised of a professional tri-lingual staff and is located directly across from North Broward Medical Center. Is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish and he is well known and respected in his community and by his peers.

Who We Are

Have you ever wished there was one place you could go for all your health concerns?

Family physicians are dedicated to treating the whole person. They treat each organ, every disease, all ages and both genders. The cornerstone of family medicine is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care.


Following medical school, family physicians complete a formal three-year residency during which they receive training in several major medical areas and patient populations:

- Care for all ages from 4 years old to elderly
- Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, stress depression and heart disease
- Ear, nose and throat care
- Emergency medical care
- Minor surgical procedures
- Mental and behavioral health care
- Bone and joint care
- Eye care
- X-rays, Ultrasounds, Ecocardiogram
- Care of the urinary system
- Well-woman care, reproductive counseling, family planning
- Nutrition and more.

Our Mission



To offer a comprehensive home care service highly personalized, fast, reliable and a family atmosphere, with a multidisciplinary team experienced and medical equipment and supplies high quality"

Family physicians help you stay healthy with an individualized plan of care. Family physicians know the key to maintaining long-term good health is the patient-physician relationship.

To develop your personal treatment plan, your family physician will ask questions about your family health history and lifestyle to determine your health risk factors.

Research shows that people who have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician have better overall health outcomes, lower death rates and lower total costs of care.

SilvaMedCentre is committed to all our patients, providing quality care and safety in our office, treating each person with respect and dignity, we believe that the real value is in the person.