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Medical Analysis

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For your convenience SilvaMed Centre offers more then 10 laboratories located in different parts of Florida, that guarantees the quality of results.

Hematology - Immunohematology - Lee - Urine - Enzymes - Lipid - Liver Tests - Tests Kidney - and more than 150 special tests.


Fasting for 12 hours for patients who have studies CHOLESTEROL, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, liver function and lipids in general. 8 h fasting studies in patients WITHOUT Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, hepatic enzymes and lipids in general. Complete urine (first morning urine in clean plastic container).


You can only drink water before test. No smoking before test. Can not chew gum prior to test. After test, press firmly the dressing in place for 5 minutes, do not bend the arm and do not lift weight (wallets, purses, etc.) or use force with that arm for several hours.


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Unfortunately, when we talk about health, the consequences of not preventing in time can be serious and even fatal. That is why, more than 50 years, developed health assessment programs to determine fitness. These programs, like everything else, must evolve in step with science and technology.

A diagnosis are numerous medical studies that assess their current health status to prevent chronic degenerative diseases. Most of these diseases threaten not only the quality of life but life itself. This program enables early detection of diseases, illnesses or long-term changes that can affect your health.

An annual check-up will help you maintain a better quality of life and realize it is recommended from 30 years of age.

Why is it so important?

A diagnosis helps detect early stages of disease, facilitating handling and increasing the chances of successful treatment. Moreover, by treating disease in its early stages, treatment options are always cheaper and less invasive. The most devastating diseases often show no symptoms from the beginning, such as heart disease, cancer, aneurysm, diabetes, among others.

Cutting-edge Technology

Today, advances in medical technology rapidly. Every day there are more and better medical diagnostic equipment. In addition to being increasingly accurate and reliable in their diagnosis, are also getting faster and less invasive. In SilvaMedCentre we distinguish ourselves by making use of these technological advances in our procedures.

Among the variety of innovative offerings in terms of medical diagnostic systems emphasize: MRI - ultrasound - Electroencephalograms - Ecocardiograma - electrocardiograph - spirometry - audiometry

Our Services

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SilvaMed Centre provides a wide-range of analyses for environmental and biological samples using state-of-the-art analytical equipment and techniques. We work with Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corp, First Path.


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