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General Medicine

Primary Care is the first place you should go when you have a health problem or when you want to prevent something. In our center we have a team of health professionals highly qualified to guide you both in your health care needs as local assistance.

In SilvaMedCentre we establish a trusting relationship with our own team of health professionals. Our health Center professionals (medical and nursing staff) are always close to you and your family. With them you can establish a personal relationship of trust and advise you on all matters of health.

In our clinic we have your family doctor to help you maintain your wellbeing. Your doctor will offer ongoing assistance and resolve any incidents you consider urgent.

Dr. Silva’s office is comprised of a professional tri-lingual staff and is located directly across from North Broward Medical Center.
How do family physicians stay on the cutting edge of medicine?

Family physicians adhere to the highest standards of medical care.
The American Board of Family Medicine requires recertification by examination every six years.

To maintain board certification, family physicians also are required to complete a minimum of 150 hours of continuing medical education every three years. In addition, family physicians have the support of a national medical association, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

The AAFP provides high-quality learning opportunities for family physicians, as well as patient education materials and practice management support.

In SilvaMedCentre find

- A team of health professionals who are always close to you and your family.
- Personalized and reliable.
- Information and advice on health and nutrition.
- Service home call, because of your health, you can not go to the Clinic.
- Activities of prevention (vaccination, early detection of disease) and promote healthy habits and health advice.

SilvaMedCentre you can find services like:
- Consultations, Home Visits,
- Prescription Clinical analysis,
- Blood Pressure Control, Electrocardiogram,
- Audiometry,
- Cures, Injectables, Vaccines.


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