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Medical Home Visits

Medical Home Visits is a program that manages primary care in the home to patients who have a difficult time getting out of the house to see their doctor.


In Medical Home Visits, our nurse practitioner is an extension of the client's primary care doctor and works hand-in-hand with the physician to deliver as much medical care in the home as possible.

A Nurse Practitioner is trained to diagnose and treat basic, chronic conditions and is licensed to write prescriptions and order tests. This service is especially helpful in the winter months when getting out of the house to a doctor's office can be a challenge.

Less visits to the doctor can lead to less monitoring of chronic conditions and bad weather causes a much higher risk of falls and injury.

Medical Home Visits is covered under Medicare Part B and most private health insurances just like going to the doctor's office.

We provide convenient and reliable medical home visits, treating most non-emergency medical conditions. Our team consists of board certified medical professionals with specialties in pediatrics, internal, general and family medicine.

Our Services

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