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SilvaMed SPA

SilvaMedCentre opens the door to a new and innovative service body treatments. Now we bring you the latest generation machines in rejuvenation and body treatments that have made ​​great progress in terms of beauty and well being. Last March, we launched this service at our facilities for our customers..

spaWe know that your health and appearance are positively influenced by improving your emotional and mental well-being. Whether it is for a facial, a massage or a pedicure, a visit to the spa is a fool-proof means of stress relief and relaxation.

We feel aesthetic treatments are an investment in yourself. Looking your best can help you gain self-confidence. Looking good means feeling good, and feeling good makes it easier to face your day. Now more than ever, the emotional reinforcement of feeling good about yourself can take you through difficult times.

We have designed an attractive spa adjoining our office, equipped with the latest in personal beautification technology and a knowledgeable staff. We want you to experience refreshing, amazingly luscious and effective treatments in a familiar, comforting, and safe environment..

SilvaMed SPA

We offer competitive and affordable prices for all our services. No need for breaking thebank as work with everyone an promise to stay within your budget.

Don't forget to ask the office manager for any special situation. Come in for a complementary Free consultation and look your best!.

Proven Technology

SilvaMed SPA offers proven technology that is considered best in class when compared to our competitors.

Our partnership with ESTETIQUE, the aesthetic laser industry leader, offers the client greater effectiveness, comfort, and increased safety due to its design and dual chill tip. SilvaMed SPA also is constantly researching and testing new technology so we can continue to offer our clients the best treatments possible.

SilvaMed SPA Safe

SilvaMed SPA our client's safety by having trained professionals assess clients skin color and hair color to ensure that we are providing the most effective treatments at the safest levels for their skin.

Our Services

Image 4 Body TreatmentRejuvenation, Anti-aging, Body shaping, Circumferential reduction, Reaffirmation...
Image 2 Face TreatmentAcne and vascular lesions, Sun damage, Hyperpigmentation, Rejuvenation...
Image 3 Skin CareSkin Care Products ,Anti-aging, Rejuvenation, Dermatological Lotions...
Image 4 Weight Loss Cellulite, Weight and size reduction, Body shaping, Body toning...
Image 1 Woman´s CarePermanent Hair Removal, Dysport/Botox, Radiesse, Jovederm...
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